21 July 2012

Working on working on my own farm

It's the middle of summer and of course that means it's extremely busy with harvesting and weeding (if we can find the time).  There have been many other opportunities presenting themselves to Kate and I.  Horses, land, equipment... it seems to never end.

Kate and I have been looking at farming opportunities and have found one that we think will work for us in the short term outside of Augusta.  We're both really excited and working on terms for a lease and getting our collective sh*t together in terms of money, equipment, and business transactions.  It ain't all cake starting a farm business.  I've been spending a lot of time on the computer; albeit not using it to keep in touch with friends and family unfortunately.

Hopefully I can soon tell about the entire process and what our situation will look like next year.  For now, you will have to anticipate the best.  I'll be going down to Maryland for a wedding August 4th and so will also likely be spending some time in New York City (hint hint friends).  More exciting news in the future!

Oh yeah, an article on why the tomatoes you buy in the supermarket suck:
The prettiest tomatoes taste the worst.

"To Infinity, and Beyond!"
-Buzz Lightyear a la the geniuses at Disney

Here are some pictures of the pigs and the watering system we set up that mostly works well too: