12 June 2011

Gee Haw!

Can't take credit for the post title; I saw it on some kid's T-shirt.  However, horses have been on my brain every day.  I either daydream about working with them or dream about it.  On an eerie note, I had been talking to another local horse farmer named Donnieabout plowing with horses, got to see his different plows, and learned some of the differences in design, comfort and efficiency of them.  I mentioned that Jeff had told me that our plow's pole was made of pine, which is a soft wood that is light and therefore generally breaks pretty easily under heavy stress.  It's good for building houses and light furniture but not as durable as hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash, or cherry.  In any case, he forewarned me about poles snapping and possible flipping you over as the horses continue to pull the implement.  That was last Sunday.  Monday, I was plowing with Bill and Perry and of course, the pole starts to snap as I was backing them.  Thankfully this is a less dangerous situation and neither I nor the horses were hurt.  I very easily could have gotten hurt if I hadn't been aware.   Thanks Donnie!

Oh yeah, my parents were up here for a week!  We celebrated both their birthdays on the 2nd and 10th for my mom and dad respectively.  Lobster was abound and the Burchsteads were gracious enough to share their house nearby and have my parents as guests for a few nights.  I ate like a king then, and this past weekend when I had 2 and a half days off to visit them at the resort they were staying at for the rest of the week.  I got to fish with my dad on his birthday, eat some locally caught bass and perch, and experience some parts of western Maine.  All in all it was a good week.  My mom took some video of me plowing with them in any case and maybe I'll be able to post it at some point.  Until then, check out this stock video I found in the archives (of Google).

Buckwheat Blossom also has a second apprentice as of this past Wednesday as well.  Her name is Leah (I think that's the right version) and she is a Mainer.  It will definitely be nice to have someone else to help out on the farm even if she's only staying until the end of August.  We will be sharing the kitchen and outhouse at the yurt as well.  I'm excited to be able to switch off cooking meals if possible so that we can sort of come home to a meal rather than getting in at 7:30 or so and trying to hurriedly make a meal that will suffice after working all day.

Next week is the summer solstice, June 20th, officially the longest day of the year!  Go celebrate with some local produce and some friends while you enjoy the sun for hours and hours.  I will hopefully be going back home soon.  Keep you guys posted.  Hasta tarde mis amigos...