22 August 2011

What it is

Not much time for introspection lately.  Most of my free time lately has been thinking about what is next for the future.  I am going to work on another farm next year.  Where I will be is still up in the air and depends on a few factors.  Continuing work on a horse-powered farm is my priority as well as being able to work together with Kate.  I would like to continue working for Jeff and Amy and am strongly considering it.  There are, however, other possibilities and what will be best for my development as a competent farmer in terms of education and experience play a strong role in my decision.

Despite my recent ruminations on the state of my future, I still love what I am doing and will continue doing it.  The constant drive for creativity, resourcefulness, deep knowledge, integrity, and ingenuity with a flair for the funky in farming keep pulling me deeper into sustainable agriculture.  My understanding and empathy for the tenacity of the small business owner has grown as I realize how a successful small business owner literally lives and breathes the ins and outs of their daily work.  There's nothing quite like putting hours of hard work into producing food and seeing people at market and CSA pickups enjoy and discover food with all of their senses.

If you don't have food, I don't know what you have.  Next time you cook a meal, take your time and enjoy the sight, smell, and texture of it as it gradually transforms from simple compounds borne from the soil, fungi, and bacteria to an amalgamation of subtle chemical reactions sending signals to your brain saying "Damn, this is good."  I truly believe that 95% of the meal happens before you actually eat it.  If you haven't yet experienced that first 95%, you should; it'll change the way you look at food.