27 December 2010

Going North

It's 5 days til I go up to Wiscasset from Queens.  I'm thoroughly excited to be moving on to bigger and better things, keeping people updated through this blog, and learning.  My mind and body are ready to soak up the knowledge I need to grow veggies, raise animals, and make food in ways I haven't before.

Some random thoughts:
  • I'm slightly apprehensive to live in such a rural area.  It will be nice to work outside and be away from distractions and people, but still.  I also don't know why, but I'm really excited to do lots of reading?
  • One thing that I think I will miss a lot (besides my family), and haven't given much thought to up until this point is that I won't be able to watch the resurgent New York Knicks or watch football.  Small sacrifices I know.  Growing up in the city makes you miss things like giant HD TVs, public transportation, and walkable neighborhoods.
  • I'm also excited to drive my 4WD Tacoma in the snow.  This is absurd even to me.  It's the little things.
  • Speaking of absurd, I have an absurd amount of clothing now that I have it all in my parents' house in Queens in this tiny room.  Pretty sure I could go 3 weeks without doing the laundry not counting socks.  I will spend one of the next few days sorting through the clothes I don't need and storing them in my parents' basement which is also absurdly full of objects.  I'm convinced they could almost be on that show "Hoarders."
 Considering almost all my friends are city folk, it'll be fun hearing what they have to share about my experiences and even more fun to have them up for a visit!  I look forward to posting more later.