30 October 2011

Don't Pee on the Electric Fence

Well.  As my friend Broder politely pointed out on my fantasy football league (yes, even though I don’t have regular access to the internet and haven’t watched a football game yet this season I still do fantasy football), I haven’t updated this blog in two months.  It hasn’t seemed like it since life has been so busy.  Such is farm life I suppose.
Seeing as it is almost November and it was 30 degrees this morning when I woke up, it seems that winter is near.  The lead up to today was quite a whirlwind of activity.  Harvesting and harvesting and harvesting we have been.  My left index finger has a crack in it that won’t go away do to continued hard use and drier weather.  My lower back has seen better days but has been feeling better now that I pay attention to my ergonomics some more and get very nice back massages from Kate.
What have we harvested you might ask?  We brought in all the rest of the tomatoes about a month ago as well as winter squash, sweet potatoes, and tomatillos (to make salsa) before the first frost of the year in October.  We have also harvested all the delicious potatoes and have begun to be able to harvest parsnips.  Of course there are still leeks (my favorite) and carrots.  Most of the rest of the time I have spent is dealing with various animal chores, setting up animal pens, and as our friend Ross says farming is, “Moving shit around.” 
As you can imagine, I spend most of the rest of my time trying to do nothing, but end up doing more food preservation with Kate, going out somewhere nice like Monhegan Island (a beautiful place to visit by boat from nearby Boothbay), or having to do chores for myself that I have put off all week.  Well, I’m off to make winter squash burritos with guacamole, salad greens, and sour cream.  I will update again soon since the winter comes and things are calmer.  Go Giants!
Oh yeah, photo below and more coming from this fall.