16 January 2011

Getting Settled In

Two weeks into apprenticing and so far so good.  A few general things about farming; you need a strong back and it’s amazing how quickly your body builds muscle memory for many tasks.  I’ve found this to be true about lifting certain shapes, washing eggs, splitting logs, etc.  Overnight, it becomes twice as easy to do things that you found difficult or tiring the day before.  Secondly, there’s little time for showering.  I know it sounds kinda gross to most of you but when you’re moving 10 hours a day in the cold you don’t sweat too much and generally don’t get too dirty so it works out.  I’ve taken two showers here so far.  Besides I’m too tired at the end of the day to do anything but rekindle the stove, cook, do dishes, and maybe read a little.  I suppose soon my body will get used to the constant action but as of now I’m still tired despite sleeping around 10 hours last night.  I hung out with a couple of the old apprentices at Buckwheat Blossom and also Leah’s, the last apprentice, roommates.  I made my best attempts at coherent conversation…  At least it’s not difficult meeting cool, nice people up here!
Which reminds me…does anyone have cross-country skis they want to give/sell me?  I’ve never done it nor had the motivation to but it looks like fun and everyone does it up in Maine.
I will start trying to do a recipe of the week for the adventurous cooks among my friends.  They of course will be seasonal and I can’t take any credit for most of these since I like to try recipes I find in cookbooks.  I’ll make a second post containing the recipe.  I forgot to take some pics for y’all to peep.  Maybe next week...I appreciate the texts and phone calls from those you who ACTUALLY care about me.  Just kidding, love you all…Peace!

“The earth laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Sounds like fun up there! How many animals do you have to take care of? I may try one of your recipes! :)

    Oh and btw you should shower often... haha

  2. 5 horses, 11 sheep, and probably around 70 chickens. Showering is for the weak!