26 February 2012

If you don't think the meat you typically eat is bad...

read this article from Grist about how a study has connected the dots between how disease-resistant staph jumped from human to pig to human.  Factory farmed meat is cheap, but also uses more than half the antibiotics used in the US.  The result of this abuse is poor animal health, poor animals living terrible lives, and poor human health via transmissible disease and lower nutrient density in the meat we do eat.

If you're thinking, "Well I can't afford to pay for the expensive, locally grown meat they sell at the farmers' market," you can make the decision to eat less meat.  We eat more meat than we need to and it is taking a toll on our environment and health.  I urge people to consider the impact of what they have on their plate.

1 comment:

  1. Good one, Rich. Yeah, and entirely why we buy whole animals and stash them in our best wedding present ever- a HUGE freezer. I can't help but think this is the only way to go when those of us who don't raise our own, want to eat fantastic meat. And if the scariness of grocery store meat isn't reason enough, fresh milk fed pork is food of the gods. Seriously. And heck yes, it pays to have fabulous friends like all our farmer buddies around here!